Application observability for optimal business impact | HCLTech
Application observability for optimal business impact

In the digital age, businesses are increasingly transitioning their operations online. To succeed, enterprises must adopt a holistic observability approach, enabling them to monitor both front-end and back-end performance, while also uncovering deeper insights beyond the conventional tech stack. This approach, termed observability, involves identifying factors connecting user experiences to underlying technology layers. By integrating critical data and merging real-time business insights with IT performance data, companies can enhance their strategic decision-making. This empowers them to prioritize actions, investments and innovations that directly impact their business. HCLTech offers a comprehensive application monitoring approach, integrating business context to effectively address customer issues. This is facilitated through the utilization of Cisco's Full Stack Observability (FSO) solution, which furnishes comprehensive 360-degree insights. Through observability, businesses can optimize resource allocation and remain aligned with core priorities: their business, customers, employees and users.

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