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A supply chain process solution specifically focusing on warehousing operations has pre-defined standard operational procedures depending on site-specific requirements. These standard operational procedures are broadly categorized into inbound, outbound, inventory management and extended Material Handling Equipment (MHE) or Warehouse Control System (WCS) systems integration.

Vendor-based WMS solutions, executed as on-premise or on-the-cloud solutions, follow a specific implementation lifecycle model. Along with all the configuration activities like system testing and system integration testing for the WMS categorized processes, the inbound, outbound, inventory management and MHE become key exit points for a successful WMS solution live.

Over the years, HCLTech has been one of the leading SI partners for WMS solutions. Through the standardized WMS process across multi-site specific implementations, we have eliminated the recurring manual effort required by a WMS tester for validation and verification activities.

Business Process Automation

Our Solution

Automated test cases
Pre-designed and ready to roll out reusable automated test cases
Automation tool
Simple and ready-to-learn user-friendly tech stack framework using the UFT automation tool
Testing life cycle
Testers do not need any prior functional knowledge of WMS as the testing life cycle is automated to execute and log test cases without manual intervention
WMS implementation
Enables parallel test runs for multiple parallel WMS implementations
Flexible testing solution
Robust and flexible solution to add more testing scenario

Key Benefits

Testing time
Testing time

Reduction in testing time

Operational cost
Operational cost

Reduced operational cost by effective utilization of available resources

Time to market
Time to market

Faster time to market


Effective test coverage with minimal test scripts