Cloud security for SaaS applications with Zscaler Internet Access | HCL Technologies

The continuous growth of cloud-based and mobile applications has placed data security and user experience at the forefront of forward-looking enterprises. In this turn of events, the traditional method of backhauling internet traffic over MPLS to a centralized internet gateway is no longer enough. Simply because it is inefficient and expensive to maintain. Businesses around the world are thus increasingly turning to SD-WAN to efficiently route local traffic. To secure the local internet breakouts, organizations are also considering replication of the HQ internet gateway security stack at every location. However, this often leaves organizations struggling with the cost of purchasing, configuring, managing, and maintaining such a complex branch deployment as well as security concerns.

Ergo, there is an imperative for an end-top end loud-based internet access gateway solution to secure local internet breakouts for branch users as well as mobile users.

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