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The modern world is prone to perennial disruption. From the advent of social media to connected devices, we’ve seen radical changes over time in how people work and live. For businesses, this means having to cope with constantly changing customer behaviour and consequently, customer expectations. The insurance industry isn’t immune to this trend. They have no choice but to be “Future-Ready”.

A future-ready insurance business needs to acquire a dynamic understanding of their customers, gain insights into the potential risks, and build the capabilities to innovate new services and solutions. This makes them more effective in promoting safety, protecting health and income, and developing resilience in the face of unforeseen disruptions.

HCLTech’s Insurance Business Services specialises in leveraging the power of technology to help insurers embrace this transformation and pursue innovation and agility as an integral part of their ethos. Our extensive expertise across domains such as data, analytics, artificial intelligence, connected devices, and more, empowers insurers to address their end-customer’s objectives.

We help insurers become future-ready so they can monitor the evolution of risk, bolster value-added services, and access new markets for their services in trustworthy, relevant ways. As a technology partner, we strive to help insurers serve their customers as a “future-ready” business.

With HCLTech’s insurance offerings, businesses can prioritise customer engagement. By transforming their own value chains, insurers can offer their customers bundled solutions that are driven by empathy and trust. This means offering intuitive digital services such as self-service portals for retail customers and becoming a valued consulting partner for their institutional end-customers.

The development of omni-channel customer services can help insurers connect with their customers and offer real-time services. By adopting design-thinking-based automation transformations, insurers can not only help customers easily access services but also improve their operational processes. Moreover, the use of Intelligent Automation in the back and middle office increases the accuracy of claims processing and reduce costs, which further adds to customer delight.