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digitalCOLLEAGUE is HCLTech’s domain-intensive, role-based, single-UI platform that focuses on workforce collaboration in enabling companies to leverage a truly digital workforce. digitalCOLLEAGUE is powered by an intuitive wrapper around multiple emerging transformation technologies and solutions, pre-configured and nearly ready to be deployed to assist in specific business roles (use-cases).

Enterprises can deploy digitalCOLLEAGUE’s technology-driven human-machine interface (hmi) to enhance their digital transformation strategy by elevating the role of the human workforce and transforming the way transactions are processed across business operations.


Human-Machine Collaboration

Human Machine Collaboration

Technology Solutions

HCLTech helps organizations respond to the new normal and build connected business processes by leveraging advanced and emerging digital technologies. Enterprises can now gain control of the outcomes of their digital business transformation journey and make informed decisions using technology levers that enable massive digital transformation.


Reduce Cycle time
Reduce cycle time

Enables configurable, plug-and-play modules to maximize performance

Automate business processes
Automate business processes

Free up the workforce to perform business critical operations

Orchestrate hyper personalization
Improve business and domain visibility

Foster insights-based informed decision-making through industry process blueprints

Gain maximum investment value
Orchestrate multi-stakeholder, multi-system execution

Create exemplary customer experience through bundled offerings and persona-based UI

Decision making
Leverage unmatched outcomes

Readily respond to volatile market forces and provide functional outcomes

Leverage unmatched scalability
Reduce Cost-risk

Revitalize existing investments through increased flexibility

Success Stories

digitalCOLLEAGUE’s optimal combination of human + machine, driven by data and analytics addresses business need across industries

Banking and Financial Services (FS)


Transformation in Reconcilliation and On-boarding processes for a leading US bank to deliver faster resolution time and reduced cost of operations


Banking and Financial Services (FS)
Supply Chain Management (SCM) and Retail

40% improvement in forecasting accuracy and lowering of stock requirements by 25%, for a large Search Tech Giant

Supply Chain Management (SCM) and Retail
Healthcare and Life Sciences (HLS) industry

115% increase in collections revenue for a US-based Medical Equipment Provider

Healthcare and Life Sciences (HLS)
Manufacturing industry

25% faster process and 35% higher straight-through processing for a Global Print & Digital Manufacturer


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