21st Century Enterprises need to deploy next-generation technologies to move faster, work smarter, and remain competitive. That’s why we at HCLTech ensure our products and services are always ahead.

Organizations are striving hard to provide convenience to customers, and this has led to a transformation of the customer interface. For example, to open a bank account a customer can now upload all documents through an app or send through e-mail, etc. Also, there is faster delivery of services, such as loan processing in 24 hours. This has led to vast amounts of unstructured data in the back office. While the front office is changing, that is not necessarily the case with the back office. According to a study, over 60% of customer dissatisfaction starts with back-office inefficiencies due to the manual processing of the unstructured data.

To solve this industry-wide problem, we started working with the leading university in the field of artificial intelligence (AI). Their research is dedicated to empowering cancer treatment with machine learning (ML). Today, their software accuracy in reading mammograms is astonishing.
So, we asked ourselves if mammograms can be read with such precision, then why can’t we process unstructured data with high accuracy and speed, while improving on compliance?

That’s where our solution, Exacto, was developed. It harnesses the latest innovations in AI, ML, and computer vision techniques that integrate seamlessly with robotic process automation (RPA) to create differentiated solutions.