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Enhancing the retail experience with checkout free solutions

New technologies are allowing businesses to offer consumers a frictionless way to shop without needing to checkout
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Jordan Smith
Jordan Smith
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Enhancing the retail experience with checkout free solutions

In addition to self-checkouts for consumers to conclude their shopping experience in stores new technology is now allowing businesses to offer consumers a fast, frictionless way to shop that excludes the hassle of checking out.

AiFi technology, a flexible AI platform using autonomous retail technology and Amazon’s Just Walk Out technology has enabled businesses to offer customers a hassle-free shopping experience that doesn’t require them to stand in line for checkout.

With these technologies, not only can businesses increase their sales, but also improve labor efficiency, schedule staff more effectively and gain customer loyalty through the convenience of the shopping experience.

No checkout line, Just Walk Out

Recently, Grubhub is bringing Amazon’s Just Walk Out technology to university campus partners, with the first being Loyola University Maryland.

The technology allows students to scan a QR code in the Grubhub app to enter a convenience store on Loyola University Maryland’s campus. The technology then detects what shoppers take from or return to the shelves.

The students can leave without having to wait in line and the payment will then be automatically deducted from their meal plan, declining account balance or other stored payment methods that are linked to their Grubhub account.

"With Just Walk Out technology and Grubhub, students, faculty, and staff will find a convenient way to purchase the items they need with a frictionless shopping experience so they can quickly get back to their studies," said Jon Jenkins, Vice President at Just Walk Out technology, AWS Applications.

AiFi creating smart markets

A west coast university is also dipping its toes into the checkout-free waters with the University of San Diego utilizing AiFi technology for a Smart Market mini-convenience store that is located within its Knauss Center for Business Education.

This AI platform allows shoppers to select food and drink items at the store and leave without waiting in line or scanning to pay. Customers can simply use the dedicated store app when entering to identify themselves.

“We were impressed with the flexibility of AiFi’s solution and the ability to seamlessly integrate with existing infrastructure in the store,” said Andre Mallie, Assistant VP, auxiliary services and resource management at the University of San Diego. “Now, folks coming through the Knauss Center for Business Education won’t be burdened by long lines or wait times, and we’re excited for the future of this technology at our campus.”

Powering reimagined experiences for E.ON

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Setting up success with retail IT

While these technologies can help businesses provide frictionless shopping experiences for customers, before implementing these applications existing business processes must be analyzed and the supply chain and merchandize plan must be aligned with long-term business strategies.

Working to reimagine in-store experiences for the next-gen shopper and delivering tailor-made solutions to customers is a key dimension to HCLTech’s Retail IT services. Through customer-focused solutions, HCLTech provides the opportunity to overcome obstacles that may impede delivery and offers end-to-end strategies to future-proof businesses.

Among these solutions are HCLTech’s Retail Connect, which provides a suite of mobile applications to enable faster implementation of mobile apps and incorporates the latest IT trends such as NFC coupons/ payments, geo-fencing alerts and visual store shelves using augmented reality. The Omni-Channel Customer Experience Assessment (OCEAN) is another tool offered by the tech giant that assists organizations in evaluating their existing e-commerce and multi-channel business processes and technologies.

As businesses adopt solutions to provide more convenient shopping experiences, HCLTech’s Real-Time In-Store Insights Solution can be key to unlocking the full potential of the experience. The solution uses the limitless power of IoT that enables the retailer to make real-time, intelligent decisions and reimagine the retail space of tomorrow. Further, it helps co-create a personalized shopping experience with the connected shopper.

As customer expectations shift, emerging digital platforms, new products and new services are helping businesses meet demand. They must show their ability to be agile in technology adoption and business process optimization to stay ahead of the curve. HCLTech’s expertise in e-commerce IT is a major asset to creating a robust digital shopping experience.

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