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ideaX: SAP Virtual Innovation Lab

Deliver business value quickly with Innovation-as-a-Service

Innovation means challenging the now and expanding what’s possible. And accessing ideas, inventions, and solutions on-demand can accelerate your innovation journey and deliver rapid growth and business benefits.

That’s why we offer ideaX, a virtual innovation lab for SAP customers that drives value across the product chain, from ideation to co-innovation and development of purpose-driven solutions.

ideaX lets you design solutions remotely in a week and deliver a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) with a POC in a month to deliver fast and tangible outcomes. Powered by the SAP BTP platform, ideaX embodies our approach of using intelligent technologies to solve complex business problems – while keeping the core clean.

Harness SAP BTP’s intelligent technologies to drive business value

SAP BTP is SAP’s preferred platform for business extensions. Any SAP customer migrating to SAP S/4HANA following a clean core strategy needs to understand how to harness its capabilities. However, SAP BTP can be challenging to adopt without proper understanding of its capability as a unified innovation platform.

This is where ideaX steps in. We align with your organizational vision and SAP’s roadmap, and help you discover new opportunities through cross-industry collaboration and proactive engagement.

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