Drive Product-Aligned Operating Model Transformation with HCLTech's FENIX 2.0 Framework | HCLTech

As businesses attempt to reinvent themselves to become customer-centric, they realize the need for accelerated digital transformation with technology at the core of each transformation. The shifting customer demands call for a relook at the business models in organizations across industries to agile, flexible and nimble. Driving transformation for such an organization requires an alignment between business and IT across the customer value chain to develop shared priorities.

They need a framework to align IT and business which will enable them to:

  • Identify and prioritize technology development in alignment with business objectives
  • Align funding with the organization's priorities
  • Emphasize outcomes rather than focus on projects and tasks
  • Organize into small cross-functional teams with end-to-end accountability, with the ability to pivot quickly

HCLTech's Product-aligned operating model provides a framework to align IT delivery with business focusing on business outcomes. So put, resources—people and funds—are assigned to products based on their strategic value. It distills learnings from our digital transformation engagements with our clients. In addition, it outlines a holistic approach to evolving the organization across multiple dimensions.

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