RAPID: An Enterprise DevOps Platform Solution | HCLTech

Reinvent the process of application development with a platform-based DevOps solution

Working with Legacy DevOps solutions comes with its share of challenges like excessive time, effort & money invested for its maintenance, security risks, additional costs of disjointed software development life cycle processes (SDLC) and more.

Shorten the time from ideation to delivery of software with RAPID - a unified, customer-centric platform that standardizes DevOps across teams for speedier yet secure development. RAPID is an overarching framework that brings in the necessary standardization and best practices to enterprise DevOps implementation.

Once set up, RAPID brings together all DevOps areas into a single connected system for maximum impact and swifter delivery. It comes with built-in automation technology, cyber security, and platform services. RAPID provides a blueprint of the DevOps journey from the onset and tracks progress. Tasks such as setting up of infrastructure, DevOps pipeline etc. are all automated with RAPID, which ensures Day 0 readiness of DevOps for an application. 

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