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Connecting Diverse


Modern businesses often face connectivity challenges in navigating diverse technological landscapes across multi-platform environments. Service Interconnect addresses these complexities, providing a robust solution for streamlined communication, especially within multicloud and hybrid environments.

Red Hat Service Interconnect emerges as a definitive solution, representing a refined iteration of the Skupper open-source project. Its primary prowess lies in facilitating uninterrupted communication channels between applications and services, seamlessly bridging gaps across diverse technological landscapes—Kubernetes clusters, virtual machines or bare metal environments.


Key Challenges

Applications portability, security and compliance across on-prem, cloud and hybrid cloud models
Integrations of Red Hat OpenShift, RHEL with other open-source Kubernetes platforms
complex apps
Integrations of legacy, stateful, complex apps and services across clouds, regions and data centers
network infra
Complex and time-consuming network infra, VPN and firewall configurations

Our Solution

Virtual Application Network (VAN)
Virtual Application Network (VAN)

The VAN is a Virtualized Application-centric Network layer at its core. This innovative approach decouples the network layer from its underlying infrastructure constraints, thus amplifying both application performance and agility. The VAN ensures optimal performance without compromising traditional infrastructure considerations by dynamically tailoring its configurations to meet specific application requirements.

Standardized delivery
Eliminating Virtual Private Network (VPN) dependency

A pivotal advantage lies in sidestepping the traditional reliance on VPNs. By circumventing VPN dependencies, organizations can significantly mitigate latency issues while simplifying connectivity paradigms, channeling efforts and resources exclusively toward enhancing service connectivity efficiency.