Accelerated SAP Extended Warehouse Management Base90 | HCLTech

Our Accelerated SAP EWM Base90 template provides a defined implementation methodology, preconfigured solutions, accelerators, predeveloped project documentation, and delivers a preconfigured SAP system. Built on SAP Business Suite, Base90 is supplemented by a vast library of preconfigured best practices, flows and scripts, step-by-step user guides, data load and conversion templates, and industry specific reports and dashboards.

Benefits of HCLTech’s digital supply chain transformation framework

Our Base90 accelerators bring multiple benefits to any SAP S/4HANA project, including:

  • During design and validation, the focus is on adopting the available SAP best practice, rather than trying to reinvent the wheel or blueprinting
  • Reduces project timelines significantly by 20%-30% – driving a faster return of investment
  • Simplifies user adoption and ensures compatibility with future innovations and simplifications

Download this brochure to learn more about the features of HCLTech’s digital supply chain transformation framework.