Secured cloud connectivity with Zero trust | HCLTech

With the current shift to the cloud, an ever-expanding corporate perimeter to maintain, and the relentless onslaught of both insider and external threats, the traditional security approach of “trust, but verify” is no longer a viable strategy. Add in an accelerating remote workforce due to the pandemic, and even the most robust architectures are being tested to operate at scale while providing access and protection to critical data. While not a new concept, the zero-trust aims to adapt to security’s changing landscape by treating everyone as outsiders, providing access only to segmented networks and enforcing the least privilege. This approach seems straightforward, but where does one start in implementing such a framework without restricting user productivity, or negatively impacting existing security architecture?

HCLTech Fortius cybersecurity consulting has Forrester certified zero-trust strategists that can help you better understand this approach, identify gaps in your existing security posture, and provide industry best practices.