Skytap on Azure: For simplified cloud migration | HCLTech

Business agility is critical for modern-day enterprises. Yet, due to legacy infrastructure, enterprises running traditional workloads often need to deal with challenges such as time to scale, high capex and security concerns. Transitioning to cloud wherever necessary, has thus become a business priority now, and more and more organizations are taking the plunge.

HCLTech’s Skytap on Azure enable traditional workloads to run seamlessly on Azure, providing a resilient, faster and affordable way for enterprise cloud transformation journey. This includes a cloud-based solution that executes IBM i, IBM AIX, Linux on IBM Power and x86 workloads natively in Azure, without the need for refactoring, rewriting and re-architecting mission-critical workloads. Customers can now seamlessly run, move, secure and develop business applications, leveraging HCLTech’s extensive IBM Power and Azure experience.

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