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Achieving sustainability goals with HCLTech's ESG risk management

With HCLTech's ESG risk management services, you'll do more than mitigate potential risks to your organization – you'll drive sustainability and unlock business value across the enterprise.

Today's enterprises are rapidly evolving to create sustainable value for their businesses and society by integrating ESG (Environmental Social, and Governance) initiatives into their digital fabric. Commonly referred to as "sustainability," ESG performance is now regarded as an indicator of a company's ability to deliver responsible business outcomes and positive environmental impacts while still maintaining financial viability.

The primary goal of ESG is to identify and record all non-financial risks and opportunities that arise within an organization daily.  We explore an effective ESG framework and share the key areas of sustainability on which an organization is expected to report. We invite you to download it now to learn how your organization can not only mitigate risk but also drive sustainability and unlock true business value.

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