Sustainable sourcing | HCLTech

One of the most powerful levers businesses have for driving sustainability is their procurement processes. At HCLTech, sustainable sourcing means more than just procuring materials, products, and services in a socially and environmentally responsible way. It also means driving positive change across the supply chain, your suppliers, partners, and other stakeholders.

We offer a range of solutions and PoCs that utilize SAP products such as Ariba and Fieldglass to harness the data available from other third-party data providers to deliver processes that foster sustainable sourcing practices. Our team of experts can also carry out free assessment of your current eCommerce platform and enable you to start your journey towards sustainability.

Download this brochure to know more about our partnerships with EcoVadis, WaterPlan, and Fieldglass extension and how we can help you create an automated solution that ensures sustainability is an essential factor in your buying and selling processes.