"As cost savings take a backseat, the end-user experience effectiveness emerges as the top priority for the 21st century enterprise" - Gartner

The hyper-connected workforce is more empowered and enabled than ever before by virtue of cloud and mobile technologies. They expect to work seamlessly from anywhere without compromising on productivity, necessitating the IT service desk to support a diverse range of technologies and platforms. 

We have helped 160 enterprise customers and 60 F500 customers solve their IT service desk and fieild support issues around inconsistent end user experiance, high cost and voice/accent issues by focusing on automation, self-healing and end user analytics. On average, we have helped increase CSAT by 55% and reduce overall tickets and call volumes by more than 30%.

Today we manage 20 million IT service desk contacts generated by our customers global workforce from 20 delivery centers across Europe (Poland, Finland, Ireland, Norway), US (Raleigh NC, Frisco TX, Jackson MI & Seattle), Brazil, Mexico, China, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, South Africa & India. We ensure that each user, based on his or her profile gets the personalized attention in the language of their choice.

We believe we can meet your service desk and field support needs and would appreaciate a short discussion with you.


Data Protection and Enterprise Risk Management
Deploying Microsoft Office 365 Services To Double Cloud Services Revenue

HCL counts Microsoft as a global strategic alliance partner. Working closely with product engineers at Microsoft to gain insight into the latest Microsoft technologies, HCL applies that insight to create branded offerings that meet emerging market needs through 25 service lines across 20 industry verticals.

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Security Monitoring, Analytics and Orchestration
The HCL and Microsoft Mobile OY Story: IT Operations fit for the 3RD Platform

In response to the changing IT climate and the need for IT to be more relevant to its business, Microsoft Mobile Oy decided it needed a leaner, more transparent, more agile IT department that could deliver consistent services across the globe — and it needed it quickly.

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Application Security
Enabling Next Gen Service Desk for an American Multinational Oil And Gas Corporation

The customer is an American multinational oil and gas corporation The customer has a large and heterogeneous environment with 1,00,000+ users spread globally, with multi lingual IT service desk.

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