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Collaboration Across Architecture and Design

Product development is typically a journey that’s highly complex, requiring a deep understanding of requirements and business imperatives, visionary planning, technical leadership and meticulous execution.

Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) applies modeling to all activities throughout the entire product development lifecycle processes. It involves seamless integration of MBSE models with overall Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) methods.

HCLTech Cameo Connector for Teamcenter ensures the seamless integration of Cameo Systems Modeler with Teamcenter, facilitating bi-directional traceability between system models and downstream design artifacts. This enables integrated engineering and multi-disciplinary product development.


Collaboration Across Architecture and Design
Use cases

Cameo Connector enables smooth exchange of data between the MBSE tools and product design and development tools (PLM) to ensure seamless communication and consistency across different functional teams.

Model management

SysML model file with project lifecycle data

Visualization of model

System model a­rtifacts in ‘Active Workspace’

Requirements and parameters integration

Bi-directional traceability and synchronization

Enabling realization and traceability

Establish traceability to downstream design artifacts


Effective model management

Expose Teamcenter PLM operations within Cameo modeling tool. In addition, the connector enables you to save selected diagrams and external files together with a project file in Siemens Teamcenter.


Traceability across requirements, SysML models by closing the loop between downstream implementation with upstream plans.

Improved time-to-market

MBSE can improve and shorten the development time by enabling teams to collaborate and understand the impact of their design early in the product lifecycle.


Increase reusability of product requirements and system models as a byproduct of the development process. It helps in quickly achieving complex interdependent product targets, attributes and constraints before the detailed design begins.

Case Studies

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Facilitating a seamless integration of Cameo Systems with Teamcenter for integrated engineering and multi-disciplinary product development.