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The priorities for application modernization have elevated as enterprises step up business resiliency by improving customer satisfaction, operational efficiency, and resource productivity. In the light of this, developing a sound SAP transformation strategy has become more critical than ever for the enterprises. Despite the dire need to modernize their applications estates and harness the benefits of cloud, many organizations lack the proper resources, skills and strategies to modernize their SAP. To overcome this and leverage the innovation benefits that modern SAP architectures can enable on cloud, the organizations need to tap into partner ecosystems to support transformation journeys and maximize the benefits of SAP modernization.

About the Spotlight

The IDC Technology Spotlight, titled ‘Accelerating and simplifying the SAP transformation journey’ examines how the usage of #HCLCloudSmart SAP transformation services helps enterprises modernize their SAP application estates, as well as unlock a modern cloud platform that can power innovation and business resiliency for the future.

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How HCLTech CloudSmart SAP modernization can enable the desired transformation

SAP modernization challenges and how to overcome them

SAP transformation benefits

HCLTech CloudSmart for SAP services

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