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"Organizations today need to maximize the value from their SAP investments to deliver improved automation, agility, and cost efficiency. Migrating existing SAP deployments to AWS enables customers to more quickly optimize and implement new technology, and to gain better data insights faster. As an AWS Premier Consulting Partner, HCLTech is driving the roadmap for modernizing SAP instances and applications."

Jim Klein, Head of Global Partners | SAP GSI at Amazon Web Services

"The pandemic-induced shift towards digital has accelerated the movement of core SAP operations to cloud. We are working with AWS to help organizations build a sustainable, dynamic migration strategy for their SAP deployments. We help them exploit this transition to adopt data-driven competencies, drive innovation and augment cost optimization, with minimal disruption. "

Ajay Pasuvula, VP and Head of SAP Ecosystem Unit, HCLTech

SAP Workload Modernization and Migration Made Easy

Workload modernization is the cornerstone of agility, efficiency, and ultimately unlocking business value. Cloud technologies are the predominate enablers to transition to a modernized enterprise IT. Many organizations stumble in their modernization commitment, hampered by fears over potential data loss and business continuity, uncertainty over the best path, or inability to clarify the return on investment. Inability to digitally transform core operations through SAP will leave enterprises striving to stay relevant in their industries and lagging behind more proactive competitors.

This whitepaper leverages experiential evidence to help IT leaders demonstrate the salient features SAP on Amazon Web Services. As a premier consulting partner for AWS services, HCLTech has the skills and expertise to help enterprises plan for digital transformation and embark on a modernization journey.

Options for Migrating SAP Workloads

Lift and shift

Current SAP clients running the SAP Business Suite on any on-premises database (SAP HANA, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, etc.), can migrate their workloads to AWS. This dramatically reduces the cost of running SAP and allows them to streamline the adoption of emerging technologies, enabling greater innovation and faster time-to-value.

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Convert and upgrade

While moving SAP workloads to AWS with HCLTech, clients can deploy SAP HANA in less than 35 minutes (x1 4TB), identify exact memory requirements, and avoid upfront capital investments that would lock them in for years. This applies to both SAP Business Suite and SAP Business Warehouse.

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Extend core business processes

HCLTech and AWS offer native services that help businesses take advantage of technologies such as big data and analytics, DevOps, IoT, and ML. Access to these services helps clients innovate and drive new value from their SAP workloads.

Why Trust HCLTech and AWS to Run SAP?

Amazon Web Services is the most reliable cloud platform to run your SAP HANA workloads, with the longest track record of cloud success. Work with HCLTech to get the assistance you need to execute your migration and undergo transformation. Based on experience, HCLTech is uniquely positioned to manage the move of your business-critical SAP applications and operations to AWS.


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Certified MSP Partner

Certified MSP Partner

Certified SAP Partner for AWS

Certified SAP Partner for AWS

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Customer Success Stories

Ensuring a high speed, performance, and efficient operations for Europe-based energy supplier

A prominent Europe based energy supplier faced massive cost overlays and inefficiencies due to legacy infrastructure foe SAP workloads. They needed to quickly move to a secure, scalable, and high-availability environment to improve their performance. HCLTech helped the customer migrate their entire SAP landscape to AWS public cloud, at high speed with no downtime. HCLTech’s efficient and optimized target delivery model on cloud, helped to lower the TCO for the client and a 30% reduction in operating cost.

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Delivering zero downtime for seamless and rapid transformation for UK-based gas distributor

The client, a major British gas distributor, was looking to separate one of their business entities from the parent company, drive innovation, and upgrade their overall IT infrastructure to reduce the lead time for capacity planning. HCLTech leveraged AWS cloud to drive their transformation, through a customized service delivery model and a 360⁰ cloud migration framework, resulting in zero downtime and 60% improvement in operational efficiency.

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Ensured 40% cost reduction with seamless cloud operations for global provider of professional information

The client is a global provider of professional information, software solutions, and services for clinicians, accountants, lawyers, and tax, finance, audit, risk, compliance, and regulatory sectors. They were looking for a partner to migrate SAP instances to AWS through a Cloud Ops managed services model. HCLTech assisted them successfully migrating of SAP to AWS. The client achieved scalability, agility, and enhanced system performance with a 45% reduction in overall costs. .

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