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HCLTech Dell End-to-End Cyber Resiliency Solution

HCLTech Dell end-to-end cyber resiliency solution

Protect your critical data and rebound
from threats quickly

HCLTech Dell End-to-End Cyber Resiliency Solution

Building resilience in the face of growing cyber threats

Featuring research insights by IDC

Cyber Resilience: Protecting what matters most

Cyber Resilience: Protecting what matters most

A blog by Anand Swamy, Senior Vice President, Strategic Ecosystem, HCLTech

Protecting your business starts with protecting your data.

Cyber threats in today’s world are looming large in numbers, frequency, and sophistication. And rising. Chief Information Officers (CIOs) are focusing more on resilience—not just to protect IT infra and applications, but also to protect and recover valuable business data.

About 45% of International Data Corporation (IDC)-surveyed organizations indicate they need a revamp of their business continuity (BC) and disaster recovery (DR) frameworks. More important, such a need is identified as a permanent change to their IT strategy as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Indeed, many organizations’ BC and DR plans focus on recovering applications and systems rather than data recovery. Or, were created for natural disasters rather than a health crisis such as the pandemic, which has seen an exponential growth in ransomware. The traditional business continuity and disaster recovery approaches are clearly not fit for the purpose, and do not cater to the new requirements of today’s changed environment.

Today, cyber threats happen much more frequently and cause more damage. They are more difficult to deal with, especially for organizations still stuck with their traditional business continuity or disaster recovery plans.

Download the IDC Analyst Brief, sponsored by HCLTech, to understand why cyber-resilience is not only about protection or prevention, but also detection, response, and recovery from negative cyber-incidents—whether a ransomware attack or a data breach.

Watch CIO Webcast

Watch CIO Webcast
Download the IDC Analyst Brief
One ransomware victim
every 11 seconds
The average ransomware
payment in 2020 rose 33%
over 2019
34% of CIOs will have failed in protecting trust—the
foundation of customer confidence—by 2021
Since the pandemic began, the FBI reported a 300% rise in reported cybercrimes

HCLTech Cybersecurity & GRC Services are helping the world's leading enterprises in protecting and recovering the business-critical data. Combined with Dell’s strong cyber recovery solution and infrastructure allows us to deliver the highest security standards in protecting an organization's critical data from ransomware and other cyberattacks while also improving the enterprise’s resiliency.

Renju Varghese, Fellow & Chief Architect, Cybersecurity & GRC Services, HCLTech

The joint solution from HCLTech and Dell Technologies combines industry-leading consulting with award-winning technology to provide enterprises an agile, robust and coordinated response so you can both defend against threats and respond quickly and effectively when they emerge

Anand Swamy, Senior Vice President, Strategic Ecosystems HCLTech

Our framework


  • Project plan and kick-off
  • Governance
  • Business environment
  • Risk assessment
  • Risk management strategy
  • Collateral on potential application

 Detect and analyze

  • Technical assessment
  • Data visualization
  • Infrastructure design workshop
  • Information asset
  • Critical workloads
  • Cyber-security architecture design
  • Implementation planning

 Secure and protect

  • Information protection process and procedures
  • Implement/configure cyber-recovery vault
  • Data-domain hardening
  • Air gap workflow-automation deployment
  • Immutable copy

 Recover and report

  • Recovery planning
  • Historical changes analysis
  • Recovery evaluation
  • Cyber reporting/compliance
  • Improvements and knowledge transfer of vault operation
  • Communication and sign off

Why trust HCLTech and Dell with your data security

Leveraging the powerful combination of HCLTech Cybersecurity & GRC Services unit expertise and Dell’s infrastructure, the HCLTech Cyber Resiliency service employs unique protocols that identify the business-critical applications, infrastructure, and their interdependencies. To maximize business continuity, this data is used to formulate standard operating procedures that offer the lowest recovery time and the highest cybersecurity standards for protecting critical data.

Unique features

  • Stronger data protection and greater flexibility through the cyber vault
  • Additional security with CyberSense analytics
  • Controlled access and ongoing monitoring through data encryption
  • Endorsed and proven solution
  • End-to-end cyber resiliency for managing any threat, endorsed by Sheltered Harbor
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