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Aviation Week Ask the Expert Article


Aviation Week Network recently conducted an “Ask the Expert” session with Matthew Cordner, Principal Aerospace Defense Business Architect at HCLTech, to discuss MBE 2.0 and other industry trends. The discussion provided insights on the current state of digital transformation in the Aerospace industry and how HCLTech’s Model Based Enterprise 2.0 (MBE 2.0) provides new approaches and tool sets to tie together the digital thread along with Industry 4.0 and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).  

The discussion highlighted the following:

  • The potential of virtualization beyond product development in the aerospace industry
  • Expanding the product definition to an enterprise view to help define and optimize the digital threads in each of their functional areas
  • How MBE 2.0 helps aerospace manufacturers gain better visibility of the current state of their supply chain and enhance predictability             
  • Guidance in what aerospace manufacturers should seek from solution providers to ensure they have the tools and systems in place for a truly unified digital thread
  • Realizing the power of technologies such as automation, machine learning, artificial intelligence, augmented and mixed reality to synchronize product modeling with enterprise models of planning, logistics, finances and the supply chain through MBE 2.0

HCLTech’s MBE 2.0 aims to provide the organization with better visibility of the current state of the supply chain, enhanced predictability, and a better understanding of the factors that disrupt the supply chain during the pandemic or other unplanned events. It supports the new emphasis on the ability for Aerospace and Defense companies to harness the power of digital transformation and use these digital technologies to harden their supply chains and make sure that they are resilient and have multiple paths of execution. 

To learn more about HCLTech Aerospace & Defense services, please write to us at mega-lt@hcl.com.

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