Cloud Works platform brings to life, the art of possibilities on automation to accelerate and ease the deployment and management of Microservices application on Kubernetes cluster on chosen Cloud Platform. With few clicks on a UI.

The images below are of the actual tool displaying how it works.

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Platform Features and Functions

  • Single Interface for managing end to end deployment and management of cloud native application on Cloud
  • Automated infra provisioning and Kubernetes cluster setup on chosen cloud platform (AWS, GCP, Azure etc.)
  • Automated provisioning of best of breed open source tools, providing runtime environment and observability monitoring of Microservices application
  • Automated Setup & Execution of CI/CD Pipeline to Build, Test & Deploy containerized Microservices application on the provisioned K8s cluster
  • Consolidated monitoring of application and K8s infrastructure
  • Auto scaling of Nodes/ K8s PODs based on load
  • Continuous visibility into the process through stage wise completion status and logs
  • Single Interface for managing end to end deployment