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An integrated quick responsive system is mission critical for lendtechs. The alternative lending market is estimated at $5 trillion. Fintechs, rely on alternative methods of custom lending solutions and credit scoring, sorting applications with AI to increase processing speed at low risk. The leverage of specialized decisioning systems, customer lifecycle alternative underwriting models, alternative data sources, AI-based embedded insights, and automated collection could mitigate a number of issues. Not all lendtechs, however, lend, some provide complex algorithm matching services.

HCLTech enables robust, real-time customer 360 from front to back while helping you integrate with multiple decisioning COTS, automating documentation, and collection processes. HCLTech’s system integration, multi-cloud, developer platform, infrastructure services, data engineering, and AI insights capabilities are highly rated by third party analysts, fintechs, and lendtechs globally.

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How we can help

  • Automate various lead qualification processes, so that your team has more time and confidence to spend with your ideal customers. Management, qualification, organization, increased and measurable productivity, and greater revenue
  • Develop secure, reliable, and industry-leading technology that helps your business reach new customers, manage their portfolios, and increase your revenue
  • Implement multi-faceted security protocols and technology to ensure that your new customers’ privacy is not compromised
  • FinTechs can tap the opportunity by leveraging advances in data science: forecasting engine, recommendation engine, predictive maintenance, sentiment analysis, video analytics, and conversational bots
  • Stabilize, scale, and broaden digital lending through fintech partnerships
  • Safe and compliant foundation and straight through processing to improve customer experience
  • Drive risk model innovation especially for marketplace partners such as instant custom lending risk model leveraging for third party COTS
  • Accelerate collections processes and go beyond excel sheets, integrate with COTS for all in-life management such as policies, guidelines, and SaaS extensions to connect with the bank’s ecosystem
  • Accelerate operational excellence with automated operations for functions such as customer interaction manager

For more details and a global lendtech case study, please reach out to HCLTech Fintech Services at Kapil Gogia kapil-g@hcl.com to schedule a meeting.