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Data warehousing is a top priority workload  for cloud migration in the near future
46% consider data warehousing to be their top priority workload for cloud migration, along with workplace or collaboration tools, CRM, mobile apps and security

Companies are beginning to take advantage of cloud-native capabilities
50% indicated replacing and re-platforming, as their organization’s primary method of cloud adoption

Accelerated innovation is one of the top business transformation goals for 2021 & beyond
50% of the respondents say that their business transformation goals over the next 12 to 18 months include accelerated innovation, business agility followed by new or better customer experiences


From ‘journey to the cloud’ to ‘journey in the cloud and beyond’

Enterprises are having their mettle tested in this new normal and must demonstrate resiliency to compete and grow in these rapidly changing market conditions. Progressive organizations have leveraged the cloud as a critical ally to address their digital transformation journey. They are harnessing the benefits of resilient and scalable digital infrastructure and reduced cost to enable new business solutions powered by data and artificial intelligence (AI) to rapidly deliver business outcomes. We also think senior leaders must make decisions to drive new culture internally as they adopt cloud technologies and find new innovative ways to engage with customers while adopting a digital native-type agility in execution.

HCLTech Google Ecosystem has sponsored this research by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services to examine the current trends through a series of interviews with subject matter experts and business executives.

What does the report cover?

Role of cloud as enabler during global pandemic

Role of cloud as the key enabler during the global crises and how accelerated cloud adoption and implementation helped enterprises overcome business disruptions and challenges posed by COVID-19 pandemic


Path to cloud maturity and its benefits

Insights to help IT and business leaders identify the right path to cloud expansion going forward aligned to their strategic business imperatives


Emerging technologies and cloud-enabled transformation

Key digital transformation priorities for enterprises and the emerging technologies aligned to those plans, including Machine Learning, Internet of Things, Deep Learning, and Blockchain—and how to build on the existing cloud investments in 2021 and beyond to achieve these goals


Cloud hurdles, real and imagined

Reservations and myths that thwart cloud expansion such as security, skills, and data governance and how to address these


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