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HCL’s Supply Chain Consulting Practice


Cost pressures, aging workforce, complex regulations, effects of globalization, and the emergence of millennials are few of the challenges making the supply chain more complex than ever before. It takes a 21CE leader to turn these challenges into opportunities.

We, at HCLTech see the next-generation supply chain as must-be-digital that delivers the goals of an interconnected, intelligent and instrumented supply chain. Moore’s law is accelerating the future.

For companies to compete and win, there are critical characteristics emerging in supply chain management:

  • Nimble – Supply chains do not have to be one or more steps behind trading partners.
  • Demand-driven – It is important to not merely respond, but to be able to sense demand based on various touchpoints in the network and even beyond the supply chain network such as mining social media for customer sentiment.
  • Deep Vertical and Cross-Functional Alignment – HCLTech’s Commercial Industries Supply Chain Management Consulting Practice offers consulting services which are focused on key industries including: Discrete Manufacturing, Industrial, Process, Chemical, Automotive, Hi-Tech, Aerospace & Defense, Utilities, and Public Services.
  • Intelligent – Leveraging new dimensions of intelligent technologies quickly and securely – be it 3D printing, cognitive computing, IoT, autonomous controls, advanced analytics, augmented reality, blockchain, etc.
  • Ecosystem-driven – Supply chains must also focus on capabilities and information outside the enterprise. Information must flow much like how value and material flow through the partner ecosystem.
  • Ready for Digital Business – Powerful demographic characteristics of younger ‘born-digital’ generation challenge traditional models of making, buying, and selling. User centricity and digital engagement are key to winning new customers and growing revenues.

At HCLTech, we understand the unique challenges faced by companies trying to become 21st Century Enterprise.