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Hcl infor system21 upgrade workshop


HCLTech is a Strategic Alliance Partner to Infor – with a relationship that extends from Product Engineering Services to Professional Services and Customer migration to Cloud.

System21 Services Capability

Experienced professionals across all roles for System21 and IDF.

  • Expertise with all versions of System21 
  • System  v3.5.2 and all feature Packs and associated technologies 
  • Aurora v1.x, v2.x, v3.x and other unsupported versions as well
  • Hands-on product expertise in RPLE, SL, ava, HTML, D, ID & ION

Upgrading to Infor ERP System 21 version 3.1 delivers access to a number of new features, with capabilities that extend beyond core enterprise resource planning (ERP) to include supply chain execution (SCE), enterprise asset management (EAM), product lifecycle management (PLM), customer relationship management (CRM), and more.

HCLTech would be delighted to conduct a demonstration or workshop session on Customer’s location to give a proposal for System21 upgrade. The workshop would cover:

  1. Overview of the customer’s technology stack, landscape, objectives, business goals & scope.
  2. Creating a business case for System21 Upgrade estimation.
  3. HCLTech Scope of Services (Infrastructure, hosting, implementation services etc.) and differentiators
  4. Business Process Re-engineering – Value engineering: Blueprinting exercise and the advantages that will come out of this exercise (Advantages to the customer from this activity)

The workshop would help the customers with:

  1. A detailed assessment and comparison of the total cost of ownership for on-premise upgrade and cloud implementations, so customer can decide which is best for them
  2. Cost Savings by moving to the cloud include comparing the 5-year projection of the current on-premise environment to moving to the cloud.

Our team is ready to help you assess your needs from a functional, economic, and operational standpoint and provide you with options designed to help achieve your business objectives. Again, We want to underscore that the choice is yours. We will support whatever path is best for you.

HCLTech System21 Value Proposition

  1. Global Deployments & Single Instance Consolidation
  2. Operational Cost Reduction
  3. Accelerated Upgrades for System21
  4. System21 Product Engineering partner for Infor
  5. Improved PTF application process
  6. Design Modifications  fully aligned with System21 Product roadmaps
  7. Improved local regulatory compliance
  8. Global Delivery Model
  9. Tools & Interfaces for integrations


Service Areas

System21 upgrade: On-premise or in the cloud

  • Green Screen, Mixed Mode, and Client/Server versions to System21
  • Modification review and uplift, wherever needed
  • Archiving data from older implementations for future reference; Data Migrations wherever necessary
  • Additional features ION, Mingle, Process Workflow possibilities with newer version upgrade for rich benefits of the ERP

Implementation build and sit testing

  • AS IS Study & Blueprinting
  • End to End Implementation including configurations & testing
  • Security Setups
  • SOX compliances
  • Training for Process Owners and End-users
  • UAT with detailed test scripts for Successful GO-Live
  • Go Live Care & Warranties

Integration interface development

  • Plug-In tools for process automation
  • Mobile devices/Handheld device application plugins for Warehouse automation 
  • Leverage Ming.le social collaboration and in-context BI capabilities
  • Leverage ION to integrate between Infor and non-Infor products
  • Utilize best of breed strategy for CRM, BI, Scanner/barcode

Develop mods & Testing

  • Assessing Mods  on older instances and mapping them to out of the box features  of latest System21
  • Utilize Exit Point strategy to improve system maintenance efforts
  • Developing Mods after considering business critical requirements
  • Development through standard change management methodology

End-to-end system and qa testing

  • Developing Business Test scripts considering all granularities of business flow for successful testing
  • Implementing complete Quality Assurance methodology to ensure peak load testing for Business Processes

Data migration

  • Tool based data migrations
  • Archiving of data and provisioning for easy retrieval

Migration to cloud through lift & shift services

  • Strategic partner to Infor for Lift & Shift Services
  • Hosting AS-IS System21 environment on HCLTech’s Cloud Infrastructure and delivering in a subscription-based model
  • Analyzing  AS-IS System21 functioning along with peripheral interfaces to develop a migration roadmap to Cloud
  • Migrate to best fit Infor product to fully leverage efficiencies from Multitenant Cloud-based platform

Customer Speak

"I am honestly thrilled when support logs in remotely to help me out because it's always done right, done fast and the solution is always well documented so I never have the same problem again.  Infor support is exceptional."

– Bob Ellsworth, Pollak Engineered Products

"Perfection every time.  This perfect experience was great, thanks."

– Keith Wall, NGK Spark Plugs

"Awesome blend of financial acumen, the intimate familiarity with the Aurora financial package database, and technical SQL expertise..."

 – Jeffrey Klipa, Saturn Electronics, and Engineering

Expert Speak