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The focus of the Global Kiosk Industry is on meeting the increasing demand for kiosk services and reducing the rising cost of these services. Businesses across verticals see kiosks as an efficient means of improving customer experience and operational efficiency through quick service. Kiosks allow customers to avail the required service or product without needing to stand in long queues. Growing interest among retailers to create improved interactivity with customers through extensive product information display at point of sale is driving demand for kiosks across the globe. Although kiosks have been around for decades, it is only in the recent few years that their adoption has increased.  Businesses across the globe are realizing that use of kiosks can significantly reduce costs by eliminating the need for manpower.

Today, the global kiosk industry is going through a shift. Kiosk manufacturers are now building solutions/products keeping consumers at center and are focused on building customer-centric product strategies with the aim to provide trouble-free experience to the users.

HCLTech’s Kiosk Practice has extensive experience and expertise in working on vast array of complex electro mechanical devices—ranging from cash products, POS, Self-checkout, Kiosks and Printers. As a product engineering, sustenance and regulatory partner of choice to two of the top 10 kiosk manufacturers and two of the top 10 printer manufacturers, HCLTech delivers innovation at a predictable cost model.

HCLTech works on New Product Development, Product Sustenance, Regulatory and Compliance, New Technology Adoption (IoT, Mobile Apps, Cloud Enablement), and more.

Key Highlights:

  • Preferred engineering partner to two of the top 10 kiosk manufacturers
  • 1800+ experienced engineers, dedicated to the mechatronics solutions
  • Strong global presence
  • 12 years of experience in printers alone; Several complex mission-critical electro-mechanical/ mechanical products developed from concept to launch
  • Mature project and risk management processes with QMS
  • USD 15Mn+ investment into generic as well as functional labs
  • Largest engineering team globally
  • Innovation and transformation-led culture to create over 400 patentable ideas in 10 years
  • Integrated Design Services—Electrical, Mechanical, Software, System, and Regulatory

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