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The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted life and businesses across the globe. In the midst of the crisis, telecom operators are faced with significant challenges, including: traffic growth, congestion, network continuity and security issues.

Telcos are recognizing that their customers will be more reliant on their services in quarantine – for work, entertainment and maintaining social connections – and at the same time will be experiencing economic difficulties. The ongoing shift to remote work will drive demand for networking infrastructure and connectivity. However, the networking infrastructure demand could also strain the system and lead to public perception issues if reality doesn’t meet expectations. Together, these changes are forcing a re-evaluation of major strategies and capital investment plans, including plans for wireless/wireline/content integration and 5G network designs, build patterns and timing for the telcos.

HCLTech has developed solutions ranging from 5G network to UCaaS and MEC, specifically for telcos. With a diverse technology portfolio including Edge, RAN, transport, 4G/5G core, analytics, IoT, cloud, and security we serve the Top 10 telecom vendors and Top 7 telecom operators generating a total mutual value of more than $ 50 Billion. Our state-of-the-art 5G network Lab offers a complete portfolio of 5G networking infrastructure and solutions in collaboration with more than 15 partners. Drawing upon its rich experience of implementing complex projects, HCLTech enables its clients to lower total cost of ownership, reduce time to market, lower cost, and provide superior service quality.

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Ucaas Engineering

In today’s IT landscape, unified communications is driving a paradigm shift in terms of both technology and economics. Enterprises are now looking at unifying various communication tools and integrating new architecture through sophisticated and secure technological solutions over virtualized platforms.

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Private Network Offerings

HCLTech private network offering addresses the Industry 4.0 need for connecting people, process, and working environment and collecting data for building enterprise use cases.

Automation Solution

With the advent of 5G, operators across the globe are transforming their internal network engineering functions responsible for integration, verification and deployment. Transformation was necessitated by the need for operators to optimize deployment cycles, reduce complexities in integration and increase agility to roll out new features.