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Smart Automation for Intelligent Businesses


21st Century Enterprises must unify processes via a multi-modal approach.

Although automation can streamline pan-organizational operations, its applicability is limited to predictable, repetitive tasks.

However, autonomics could be the way forward, leveraging:

  • Advanced technologies such as AI, robotics
  • Predictive analytics
  • Scope and capability expansion

As a result firms can build an intelligent IT framework, gathering relevant data, drawing insights, and taking corrective actions.

Autonomics can facilitate several long term benefits:

  • Lean operational model calibrated to a dynamic business ecosystem
  • Gradual transition to an agile framework
  • Autonomics with orchestration for service consolidation
  • Partner services integration, lifecycle services management, and user experience redesign

It also simplifies the pipeline and ensures SLA adherence across multiple touch-points.

Organizations must take a pragmatic, wave-based approach – separating autonomics into functional layers and staggering the adoption model.

Read our whitepaper on Pragmatic Automation exploring the evolution of IT.


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