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HCLTech is a leading global IT enterprise with over 223,400+ people working across 60 countries.

Our Engineering and R&D Services (ERS) division leads the engineering service provider (ESP) industry with a wide range of customer-centric, agile and efficient solutions for a 21st century enterprise.

  • US$ 12.8 Bn in revenues
  • ~$50 Bn of product revenues enabled in last 10 years for customers globally
  • Largest ESP from India and third largest globally
  • Over 40 years of comprehensive engineering experience
  • 300+ global customers across 10 industry verticals
  • Working with 63 of 100 top R&D global spenders
  • 1250+ patents filed for customers till date

In addition to the above, a focussed approach in Data Center Engineering is what differentiatesour ERS services.

The ever-changing landscape of the storage space market witnessed disk drives being moved to solid state drives, and with the relatively recent advent of cloud, all data is now moving to cloud or hyper state. With advancement in flash technology from 2D NAND to 3D NAND to 3D XPoint, access to memory is faster and the technology, more stable. Improvement in modern enterprise systems and flash technology being used more and more for analytics, more data needs to be made available immediately. Our extensive experience in latest NAND technology, and all flash experience, is well equipped and aligned towards this trend.

We also has a strategic relationship with SNIA in contributing industry standard test suites.

We have dedicated CoE’s across technologies, that provide leadership, best practices, research, support and training for focus areas. Our storage CoE is a 1000+ member strong group spread in multiple locations with development and testing experience in latest technologies and a decade long relationship with leading storage vendors.We havea 1300+ team working in the silicon systems and design services (SSDS) CoE spread over 150 customers having a global footprint. With $25M investments in state of the art labs across geographies, the SSDS CoE hosts over 80 customer labs.

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Automation For Enduring Value
Automation for Enduring Value
Accurate delivery, process augmentation, and complete automation of customer frameworks were critical milestones on a leading tech firm’s journey. Since 2004, HCLTech has helped the memory and semiconductor company achieve its business vision.
Reducing Time-To-Market for a Tech Giant
Reducing Time-to-market for a Tech Giant
A global technology conglomerate was looking to reduce time to market and improve delivery quality. HCLTech’s proven engineering capabilities helped achieve tangible outcomes.
Embedded & Semiconductor Engineering Services
Positioned in Winner’s Circle by HfS in Embedded & Semiconductor Engineering Services
HCLTech has been recognized in the “Winner’s Circle” for its Embedded & Semiconductor Engineering Services by the leading analyst firm HfS in its inaugural report “HfS Blueprint Report: Embedded and Semiconductor Engineering Services”.

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