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Careers in Northern Ireland

Careers in northern Ireland

HCLTech in northern Ireland

HCLTech has always been a visionary and has pioneered industry trends, such as third-party Business Services operations, e-commerce Business Services, multi-country delivery, and the platform business model in India. HCLTech’s NeXt Gen Business Services has evolved from being a traditional provider of services to a provider of holistic next-generation business services to Fortune 500/Fortune Global 500 customers. HCLTech is known for professional outsourcing Business in Northern Ireland. HCLTech has a breadth of experience in dealing with all different types of industries, however, HCLTech operations in Northern Ireland is concentrated in the Financial Services / Telecommunications sector and continues to grow its presence. Over past 10 years, HCLTech has worked with different industries and has formed lucrative partnerships in areas such as Utilities and Retail.

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