A global fertilizer company simplifies licensing to minimize expenses | HCLTech

A global fertilizer company simplifies licensing to minimize expenses

HCLTech's Mosaic revolutionizes SAP licensing through automated conversion, usage monitoring and compliance assurance, driving operational efficiency and cost savings for businesses worldwide.
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5 min. read

, empowers SAP customers to monitor, access and oversee the optimization and compliance of their software licenses effectively. Mosaic automatically converts perpetual licenses into RISE unlimited usage equivalent licenses. This streamlines the licensing needs of SAP customers and ensures a smoother transition to the RISE with SAP program. By automating the license conversion process, Mosaic eliminates the manual effort and complexity of managing software licenses, allowing customers to focus on their core business activities.

In addition to license conversion, Mosaic provides comprehensive monitoring and assessment functionalities, enabling customers to keep track of their software usage, ensuring compliance with licensing agreements and identifying optimization opportunities. By gaining insights into their software license utilization, customers can optimize their license allocations, avoid unnecessary costs and maximize the value of their SAP investments.

The Challenge

Fragmented licensing processes and underutilization of software


The client is a prominent Fortune 500 company and a leader in the fertilizer industry. They were struggling with

  • SAP license utilization
  • Inadequate use of software
  • Operational inefficiencies
  • Escalating cost
  • Compliance problems

The Objective

Optimize licenses and maximize software output

The client sought HCLTech’s intervention in establishing a thorough licensing process and assistance in enhancing their software usage and consumption practices. By doing so, the client wanted to achieve:

  • License and software optimization
  • Process standardization
  • Cost efficiency
  • Improved compliance

We analyzed the client’s existing system license usage and consumption patterns upon engagement. We collected all the relevant information and developed a robust roadmap for the client to optimize their software spending and maximize the output of the licenses.


The Solution

Detailed reports and recommendations leading to license optimization

Utilizing the power of Mosaic, we derived all the requisite information, identified the problem areas and recognized the opportunities for making a long-term impact. We developed a comprehensive solution that effectively addressed pain points, unlocked opportunities and delivered significant value. Here are the key highlights of our solution:

  • We consolidated all RISE with SAP aspects into a comprehensive report, enabling the client to adopt a more structured and data-driven decision-making approach.
  • Following our solution guidelines, customers could optimize their infrastructure and incorporate necessary add-on modules to enhance their system.
  • We provided detailed information on SAP Digital Access requirements across various user scenarios.
  • Using AI/ML models, the solution accurately forecasted user and database growth over the next five years, ensuring the customer procured the appropriate quantity of resources.
  • The solution provided compliance recommendations in cases where the customer exceeded the purchased license types in terms of usage.
  • Based on existing license and user usage statistics, the solution offers insights into license optimization, aiding in cost-effective utilization.
  • The tool facilitates the seamless integration of components not included in S/4HANA, including those requiring separate purchases, into the client’s system.

The Impact

Improved outcomes and predictability at reduced costs

Through implementing Mosaic, we effectively resolved the client’s business-critical licensing challenges While uncovering fresh opportunities for them to seize. Our collaborative partnership yielded several notable advantages, including:

  • Improved business metrics
  • Reduced license shelf-ware
  • Improved predictability of license consumption
  • Enhanced cost analysis
  • Improved preparedness for the future