A leading bank reimagines sustainable and transparent cloud migration | HCLTech

A leading bank reimagines sustainable and transparent cloud migration

A leading global bank was looking to evolve to the future of work by migrating to the cloud and modernizing its operations.
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5 min read

The Challenge

Orchestrating cloud modernization to ensure future readiness

The client was faced with several challenges in a bid to shift to the cloud and modernize their operations. They included bracing for the future of work and enhancing transparency while minimizing their total cost of ownership (TCO). Some of the key roadblocks encountered were:

  • Costs needed to be optimized
  • Servicing both internal and external stakeholders needed improvement
  • The bank had to meet stringent sustainability goals while orchestrating the shift
  • Adapt to modern-day work ecosystem

The Objective

Enhancing transparency among stakeholders and limiting TCO

The client identified the key issues and outlined clear objectives to mitigate them. They decided to:

  • Re-factor/re-platform workloads for notable TCO reduction
  • Enhance transparency and reliability to serve internal and external stakeholders better
  • Reduce its carbon footprint to stay compliant and sustainable
  • Facilitate cloud adoption to ensure compatibility with the future of work

The Solution

Adopting an automated re-platforming and migration tool

HCLTech deployed a parallel wave-based migration approach to help transform applications and address current challenges. Our solution highlights included:

  • Re-platforming more than 600 applications to synchronize workloads
  • Adopting an automation-first principle comprising tools and accelerators capable of delivering 10x migration
  • Establishing a common governance framework based on a consistent set of design principles
  • Transforming application from OpenShift to Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE)

The Impact

Re-platforming and migrating applications significantly lowered the TCO

With automation and a sophisticated migration strategy, we helped the client adhere to set sustainability goals. The client also experienced the promising impact of the solutions extended by HCLTech Zero DC, including:

  • Migration of more than 1,450 of which 600 applications were re-platformed
  • Reduction of TCO by nearly 15%