A major pizza delivery chain reduces ownership costs with Zero DC | HCLTech

A major pizza delivery chain reduces ownership costs with Zero DC

A leading pizza restaurant chain aimed to build an isolated and modernized IT environment to effectively address challenges experienced while reducing downtime and TCO and achieving retention
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5 min read

The Challenge

Conducting complex tests, running AI programs and saving time

The client discovered the need to modernize the legacy environment to support various functions and run many tests and services. Major challenges restricting their growth included:

  • Running IBM AIX and Oracle solutions
  • Legacy OS and application retention in the target state
  • Reducing downtime
  • Facilitating disaster recovery bubble tests

The Objective

Establishing a modern and sophisticated isolated environment

The client was focused on deploying an inclusive ecosystem and overcoming the limitations associated with conventional software platforms. Their primary objectives were:

  • Deploying transformations for platforms
  • AIX (IBM Power Series) to Linux migration
  • Oracle on AIX to Oracle on VMware
  • Establishing an isolated environment compatible with disaster recovery bubble tests
  • Leveraging current IP and MAC addresses to minimize downtime

The Solution

Implementing a novel deployment model for faster migration

The client leveraged Zero DC’s unique approach combined with HCLTech’s deployment methodology to scale up the legacy environment significantly. Our solution included:

  • A multi-region cloud landing zone
  • Migrated 240 applications across 2 data centers, 1,500+ servers, 1+ PB of data serving customers across 1,000+ locations (native compute engine plus VMware)
  • A hub-and-spoke network facilitating reliable internet traffic
  • Google cloud platform (GCP) and Google Cloud VMware Engine (GCVE)-enabled perimeter firewall for filtering
  • A private access for NetApp, GCVE and Google services
  • HCLTech’s OneClick — a foundation built on an infrastructure-as-a-code (IaaC)-based deployment model
  • Workload migration to VMWare/ GCVE (first implementation across the world)
  • Cloud-ready foundation in 6 weeks, migration to Google Cloud in 10 weeks
  • Centralized shared VPC created — security, IAM policy, backup (key initiative)

The Impact

Achieving cost savings and faster deployment

With a package of novel strategies and solutions, the client reaped notable benefits, such as seamless testing and running of AIX and developing a robust digital environment. Also:

  • Nearly 25% reduction in TCO
  • Approximately 50% reduction in time to market