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Helping a super-app provider
achieve operational excellence
and cost efficiency

We employed a multifaceted strategy to elevate our client's customer experience delivery capabilities across 13 countries
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Our client is a multinational technology company headquartered in Singapore. Its super-app ecosystem encompasses ride-hailing, food delivery and digital payments, catering to millions of users across multiple countries. Experiencing exponential growth since the company's 2012 inception, our client sought to bolster their technology infrastructure to keep pace with their dynamic expansion.

The Challenge

Operational and end-user support challenges

Amidst rapid expansion, our client's inhouse faced difficulties in keeping pace, impacting user experience, operational agility and monitoring. One notable challenge was the absence of a dedicated service desk, resulting in prolonged response times and decreased end-user satisfaction. Further exacerbating the situation 
was the manual handling of support requests, which led to delays in resolutions. To address these, our client sought continuous improvement initiatives to transform and enhance user experience.

HCLTech’s focus was on seamless transition with zero disruption to our client's daily operations. The challenge was significant due to a diverse range of devices with users across 13 countries.  This formed the foundation of our client’s extensive user network with more than 23,000 end-user devices, including 800 mobile and smart devices.

The challenges

The Objective

Driving business process transformation and enhancing 
end-user experience

Our client sought an experienced ICT outsourcing partner to lead their business process transformation, enhance the end-user experience and realize cost savings, including rebadging key critical resources to retain knowledge.

The Objective

Our client considered HCLTech’s global resources and expertise in large-scale IT application implementations and support services. Transparency in costs and billing, along with the ability to promptly address regional requirements, were pivotal criteria. Leveraging our history of delivering transformative solutions, we aligned seamlessly with our client’s objectives of optimizing operations and enhancing efficiency.

Helping a super-app provider
achieve operational excellence
and cost efficiency

The Solution

Innovative cloud-native transformation with microservices architecture

HCLTech undertook the transformation of the bank's mutual fund investment platform by reengineering it into a microservices-based cloud-native application. The solution included:


Standardization and automation:

We implemented a regional support team, including service desks in Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and Philippines, to guarantee uniform support across our client's extensive network.

We introduced integrated global account management alongside remote desktop support to enhance the efficiency of service delivery. We also leveraged the automation platform to automate service desk procedures, resulting in a notable reduction in manual tasks and marked improvements in response times.

Enhanced user experience:

We implemented "" to deliver onsite technical assistance and training sessions focused on emerging technologies, tailored to meet the varied requirements of regional offices. We enhanced HCLTech’s training portal to streamline access to support resources and facilitate knowledge transfer.

Specialized support:

We established a “White Glove” support team that provided premium support services to our client’s executive committee and focused on optimizing support to ensure exceptional customer service. We implemented specialized teams such as the “Value-Plus Team” and “Quality Auditor” to offer supplementary support and assurance to top management.

Focus on operational excellence:

We assumed responsibility of existing SLAs and strategically reorganized departmental roles and governance frameworks, leading to cost reductions and improved operational efficiency.

Over time, these efforts culminated in the delivery of enhanced SLAs, demonstrating our dedication through the seamless integration of key personnel into the HCLTech team. This smooth transition leveraged collective expertise to implement transformative initiatives, helping our client achieve strategic objectives and optimize technology knowledge bases for process improvements and innovation.

Compliance and security:

We took proactive measures to aid in meeting compliance standards, such as SOX (Sarbanes-Oxley Act) and COBIT frameworks (Control Objectives for Information and Related Technologies). For this, we conducted thorough gap assessments, implemented ongoing training programs and enhanced cybersecurity protocols to safeguard the integrity of our client’s IT infrastructure. We also implemented regular tool assessments and pursued continuous improvement efforts.

The Impact

Remarkable transformation

Improved operational efficiencies resulted in a 99% Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) rate and 98% enhanced Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

Within three years, our client experienced a remarkable transformation in their IT infrastructure, marking the onset of a new era characterized by enhanced efficiency and synergy. Transitioning from a fragmented and decentralized operation, our client evolved their business into a streamlined organization with centralized support hubs strategically located across Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia and Philippines. The shift from non-standard services to a unified framework of best practices facilitated operational excellence and ensured alignment with overarching business objectives.


Enhanced user experience:

By assuming responsibility for SLAs and instituting a robust IT support team, HCLTech was able to elevate end-user satisfaction (averaging a 99% CSAT score) and stability within our client's IT infrastructure.

Faster resolutions:

Harnessing our client’s investments in integrated solutions substantially diminished manual tasks, resulting in remarkable resolution rates.

Over 98% of Service Level Agreements (SLAs) were met for both response and resolution with almost zero monthly backlog of tickets.

The average same-day resolution rate reached all-time highs of 82% for incidents and 48% for service requests.

Improved efficiency:

FCR (first contact resolution rate) reached an average of 48%, indicating a significant reduction in repeat contacts for issue resolution.

Specialized support:

A dedicated “White Glove” support team guaranteed a flawless 100% compliance rate with SLAs for our client’s top executives.

HCLTech's intervention empowered our client to realize their targeted cost savings through standardization while maintaining service excellence. By implementing clearly defined processes, advanced technologies and robust governance frameworks, HCLTech reshaped their service accountability and ownership, enabling our client to navigate their growth trajectory with confidence and resilience.