A unified, enterprise-wide cloud platform for a maritime association | HCLTech

A unified, enterprise-wide cloud platform for a maritime association

HCLTech implemented digital transformation using Salesforce solutions for a client in the maritime sector
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5 min read

Our client is one of the world’s leading maritime classification societies, with a 260-year legacy of improving safety in ships by providing technical and professional services to clients in over 180 different countries.

The Challenge

Addressing challenges in consistency and engagement

Challenges in user experience were mainly due to certain factors like the lack of a unified customer portal and multiple points of entry into applications. There was a lack of an overall identity and consistency throughout the platform, with instances of duplicate data and difficulty in identifying master data. Among the other problems that our client faced, they were lacking upselling and cross-selling capabilities, which could have elevated the entire experience of the platform.


The Objective

Reshaping industry leadership through transformation

Despite being an industry leader, our client’s growth plans were hamstrung by a disjointed set of digital services. User experience was not up to industry standards. This was exacerbated by the lack of self-servicing capabilities and a digital strategy. They faced challenges in maintaining their goodwill and bottom lines were faced because of the challenges.

Our client needed a comprehensive strategy to achieve a digital transformation that went beyond overhauling their user experience. One of their other objectives was to eliminate duplication of data on account of human error and gain end-to-end visibility across processes. Most importantly, they needed a partner with a proven track record of implementing digital transformation.


The Solution

HCLTech’s agile approach to a digital overhaul

Given the project's scale and scope, any digital transformation effort needed to be quick, comprehensive and efficient without disrupting its servicing operations. Keeping this in mind, HCLTech conducted a deep-dive analysis of their as-is situation and overlaid it with the solution that they had in mind. Our team knew that the best way forward would be to partner with Salesforce as the cloud platform. The team then used Boomi and AWS as the integration layer.

Our team chose to approach this task with an Agile delivery model to ensure that iterations were shipped quickly and without error. The stakeholders were kept updated through daily scrum meetings and an extensively detailed sprint backlog file that eliminated all blind spots in the scope and progress of the project.

Since our client’s objective was to provide the best experience to their users, HCLTech went beyond mere technology implementation and actively engaged with all aspects of the transformation, including strategy, rollout and sustainability.

The same meticulous approach was also extended to the several architectural considerations that the project required. This watertight approach to overhauling our client’s enterprise IT needs was a resounding success and garnered much appreciation from our client.


The Impact

Revolutionizing operations for enhanced efficiency and customer satisfaction

HCLTech’s solution made our client’s processes nimble, enhanced end-to-end visibility and eliminated data duplication as well as the need for manual intervention. The team achieved this by simplifying the sales and marketing processes, developing a sales and service cloud separately, migrating custom field services to field service lightning, managing integrations with a host of legacy systems, implementing single sign-on (SSO) with Azure and integrating master data management (MDM) capabilities into Salesforce using Informatica C360. Now our client handles all operations through a single platform, which aims to create:

  • Scalable architecture
  • Improved customer service and satisfaction
  • CSAT score maintained at 4.95 / 5
  • 30% reduction in production tickets using DevOps tools