Accelerating growth with future-ready business processes for a global chemical giant | HCLTech

Accelerating growth with future-ready business processes for a global chemical giant

In partnership with Adobe, HCLTech enhanced organization-wide business processes for a global chemical company
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Our client is a Dutch multinational chemical company creating paints and performance coatings for industries and consumers worldwide. The company has activities in over 80 countries and employs over 32,000 people. HCLTech worked closely with the organization to support and enhance their websites in a more effective way with support-defined Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

The Challenge

Obstacles in the way of accelerated growth

Our client migrated their website design and development activities from Drupal to the Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) platform. They were in dire need of continuous L2/L3 support for the migrated websites in production and:

  • Required a complete process overhaul for enablement and development of business change requests
  • Sought consistent enhancements to meet business needs and add new features for data-driven experiences and insights
  • Needed to set up automation using the DevOps pipeline for the purpose of code quality check, regression pack execution and performance enhancers

The Objective

Streamline application development, operations and maintenance

Our client partnered with HCLTech for end-to-end , operations and maintenance, delivered as a service in a regulated setup and bringing innovation to the overall program.


The Solution

Approach toward future-ready business processes

The application development was a significant process transformation, requiring greater stakeholder engagement. This included involvement in engineering sessions, sprint reviews, user acceptance testing (UAT) and test data preparation. The program emphasized collaboration between the marketing team and business users to gain a comprehensive understanding of requirements.

  • HCLTech assisted in creating multiple JIRA dashboards for efficient tracking
  • The organization's WIKI was migrated from Drupal to AEM, optimized and updated with the latest changes
  • The delivery team adopted the scrum model, and all scrum ceremonies were effectively implemented
  • To address tech debt and enhance efficiency, a separate change request (CR) team was established for our client
  • Created CI/CD (Continuous Integration /Continuous Delivery) for a global rollout by automating a cache-clearing process

This solution helped our client in process improvement for future updates or enhanced features by identifying common ways of working across business units.

The Impact

Streamlined work processes and accelerated growth

With HCLTechs help, the team streamlined their working process. They completed 3 sprints, deployed 14 user stories to production and initiated work on new demand requirements and technical designs for various divisions. They established an agreement with Adobe Consultancy for effective stage and lower environment support. The team successfully deployed 12 releases and 4 hotfixes and automated the global cacheclearing process.