An integrated, unified cloud platform for a global insurance provider | HCLTech

An integrated, unified cloud platform for a global insurance provider

HCLTech architected a bespoke Salesforce solution that eliminated redundancies and delivered transformation
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5 min read

Our client is recognized as a prominent global provider of insurance, annuities and employee benefits programs. With a remarkable operational history spanning over 150 years, this well-established company has become widely known and caters to approximately 90 million customers across 60 countries. Being a leader in various critical markets, the firm aimed to enhance its services by embracing digital transformation.

The Challenge

Overcoming redundancies and boosting digital agility

Being a multinational conglomerate, our client was deeply concerned about the redundancies that had developed over the years. These redundancies were further compounded by a fragmented data management policy and the lack of a holistic digital strategy.

They faced the threat of being disrupted by some of their younger, nimbler and more digitally savvy counterparts. Other difficulties included disjointed application suites, outdated user experiences and poor performance in important applications. They were riddled with problems in cross-collaboration across different teams and the lack of a scalable platform further increased their challenges.

The Solution

The Objective

A holistic approach toward enterprise-wide digital transformation

Our client needed to go back to the drawing board and required a ground-up, enterprise-wide digital transformation strategy that would ensure their continued leadership position in the digital era. They needed to deliver world-class user experiences for their customers and wanted a single point-of-entry for all their applications. Finally, they also wanted a comprehensive data architecture that would eliminate data-related issues and provide a clear view of the company processes and data flows.


The Solution

Transforming operations with a comprehensive digital overhaul

Our client turned to HCLTech, as they needed a partner with a distinguished track record of implementing . Since the company had a sprawling cluster of offices that served 90 million customers, the digital transformation exercise would need to be thorough, addressing all the operational aspects of the company as follows:

  • HCLTech’s experts conducted a deep-dive analysis of the company’s as-is situation and superimposed it with the solution they had in mind
  • Our team of experts instinctively knew that Salesforce would be the ideal cloud partner for our client
  • Integrations were done through DWH, Poseidon, DocuSign, TESSI and MediaTech
  • Our team executed this project using an agile delivery model to minimize the scope of error and the stakeholders were informed of updates through daily scrum meetings
  • The stakeholders had access to a detailed sprint backlog file that gave them a 360-degree view of the scope and progress of the project

In light of our client’s mandate to provide the best experience to its users, we went above and beyond mere technology implementation and oversaw all aspects of the transformation, including strategy, governance and solution evaluation. The same care was displayed in several architectural considerations as well. This holistic approach to digital transformation was a phenomenal success and the client was immensely satisfied with the results.

The Solution

The Impact

Impactful solutions for enhanced efficiency

HCLTech’s solution revitalized our client’s processes, improved application latency and instituted a data governance framework that eliminated human errors and the need for manual intervention. The team achieved these goals by redesigning the customer care application, building a cloud-based customer community, migrating their disjointed applications suite to Salesforce industries and integrating event monitoring and encryption capabilities into the platform. Through this unified platform, our client now experiences smooth operational flows and the following benefits:

  • Central governing body through Salesforce CoE
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Single source of truth for all verticals
  • Zero data redundancy
  • Improved end-user satisfaction
The Impact