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Augmenting productivity and user experience for a financial firm

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Reimagining a fluid business process

A large Nordic financial services firm, our client’s business operations were impaired by conflicting user experiences among all their regional units. There was a lack of digital strategy and IT services weren’t personalized.

HCLTech supported the firm by leveraging our unique digital workplace assessment framework powered by Profile Kaleidoscope to multiply output with a deeper-level analysis for each user. The solution defines user personas —mapped to the user experience —with the provisioned user devices, business apps and personalization and productivity tools.

The Challenge

Absence of a uniform user base and personalisation

  • Inconsistent user experience across all regional units was affecting business operations
  • Non-optimal productivity due to the diverse user base of 12,000+ employees working on various devices such as laptops, desktops, workstations, smartphones and tablets
  • They were unable to offer personalized services to users due to the lack of an end-to-end matured

The Objective

Igniting a transformation journey towards a better workplace

  • Design a digital workplace assessment framework to identify users and prepare user personas
  • Perform a detailed analysis on each user persona to understand their requirement and personalize the services
  • Optimize productivity by aligning with the right workplace stack

The Solution

Discovering the existence of user personas and provisioning a workplace service

Profile Kaleidoscope is an assessment framework that is part of HCLTech’s digital workplace solutions suite, which includes functional and tool-based assessments of workplaces. In addition, the framework also understands existent user personas and provisions a workplace service and technology stack to uniquely empower each user persona in the business.

  • The digital workplace assessment framework powered by Profile Kaleidoscope enabled our client’s entire user base to identify what they have today, what their experiences are and what they need to be at their productive best
  • The solution proposed persona-aligned scenarios to identify the right fit workplace stack—devices, software, virtualization, services, SLAs and productivity toolsets
  • The solution defined the user personas by their current consumption in terms of services, device utilization, personalization and application usage

The Impact

  • Defined seven unique and customized user personas for more than 12,000 employees, delivering a seamless user experience and enhancing productivity
  • Analyzed the post-assessment report to highlight that 1,800+ devices weren’t ready for Windows 10 and another 250+ for M365 migration
  • The provisioned stack ensures a consistent, improved user experience and the right workplace model for various profiles
  • The all-encompassing digital workplace provides holistic and powerful recommendations based on the characteristics of each persona to identify the right devices, software and collaboration platforms