Building a unified global engagement platform for a leading bank in Australia | HCLTech

Building a unified global engagement platform for a leading bank in Australia

HCLTech helped create a global engagement and marketing automation platform using Adobe Cloud Experience suite
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Our client is a leading multinational bank based out of Australia with businesses overseas. It includes subsidiaries for banking, wealth management and financial planning. HCLTech worked closely with the organization to identify, define and implement a future-ready global engagement and campaign platform for their customers and the Digital Marketing team with an omnichannel experience. HCLTech also defined a minimum viable product and created a multi-year growth roadmap.

The Challenge

Bottlenecks on the road to success

Our client had an inconsistent brand across independent stakeholders like customers, agents, advisors and employees. Due to the lack of separate release cycles, regular services took more time to market. This also led to less experimentation with digital channels. The business growth also witnessed stagnancy due to a lack of scalability in infrastructure and solutions leading to poor operations. Apart from these, the company lacked resiliency in core payment platforms, had high TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and inadequate security management and controls.


The Objective

Building a platform for seamless brand presence and customer experience

Our client started this transformation journey with the following objectives in mind:

  • Create a platform for real-time delivery of aggregated information
  • Provide a seamless brand and product experience to investors
  • Manage and assemble content for seamless web, mobile and social channel publishing
  • Enhance the marketing value stream with automated campaigns
  • Improve customer experience dramatically
  • Enable investors to access information when, where and how they want

The Solution

Smooth technology transition for redesigned experiences

HCLTech facilitated a smooth technology transition by collaborating with our client's teams, understanding their processes and redesigning user experiences. They aimed to establish a cloud-based scalable platform, starting with legacy attribute definition and technology planning. We also created a knowledge exchange platform for financial advisors and assisted in shaping a pilot and roadmap for adoption. This involved migrating Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) sites, upgrading to AEM 6.5 and enhancing SEO capabilities with Adobe Launch. Furthermore, we:

  • Leveraged content authoring and analytics across platforms to enhance functionality
  • Reduced ownership costs through component modularization and standardization
  • Adopted content-as-a-service with standardization of digital assets and dynamic media
  • Defined detailed personas and user journeys for campaign management use cases
  • Identified future use cases and data, integration and analytics models for data-driven user journeys
  • Automated and personalized marketing campaigns based on customer behavior analytics
  • Achieved 100% author and visual automation through Bobcat and BackStop JS across reusable components

The Impact

An improved content and automated campaign management system

  • Enabled customers and investors to receive real-time information with enhanced decision tools
  • Transformed the overall functionality of the organization through knowledge exchange and collaboration
  • Established a consistent brand voice across channels
  • Supported personalized marketing campaigns for customers on various social media platforms
  • Achieved a unified, cloud-based, scalable platform with 20+ digital properties
  • Reduced time to launch by 60%
  • Realized cost savings and reusability improvements with a 40% reduction in operations cost