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Rebadged mortgage operation increases revenue by 20% for a leading American bank

HCLTech helped our client rebadge their mortgage operations, which maximized productivity, minimized costs and enhanced customer experience
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5 min read

Our client — a major bank in the US — needed to rebadge personnel across multiple locations and restructure their mortgage fulfillment and first-party collections to improve workforce management and productivity and enhance customer experience.

HCLTech carved out two operational sites and implemented various restructuring and transformational measures to help our client optimize their workforce and drive transformation.

The Challenge

Unlocking efficiencies and improving customer satisfaction

Our client’s mortgage fulfillment operations were not meeting expectations, resulting in poor productivity and customer experiences. Flawed workforce management led to cost escalations, high attrition and limited growth. The bank needed a partner with expertise in mortgages and lending to restructure their operations and upskill their workforce through digital transformation.


The Objective

Taking care of people and improving productivity

Operational restructuring is crucial for any organization to properly align business goals and action items. Ourclient partnered with HCLTech to enhance their operations. This was done by successfully rebadging the workforce and improvising productivity levels across mortgage fulfillment functions.

Error reduction and reducing rework instances were also key objectives that would lead to cost optimization and increased engagement and transformation in mortgage fulfillment operations.


The Solution

Rebadging and driving operational efficiency

HCLTech transformed the operational process and total service delivery in compliance with the transition services agreement. This was achieved through dedicated teams for quality, training and workforce management, which led to improved site-level performance, organizational culture and employee morale. This resulted in enhanced productivity while reducing the real estate footprint, as well as staffing and severance costs.

This partnership enabled the bank to transform operations through rebadging with constant support across functions, including HR and system migration, among many others.


The Impact

Optimizing the workforce and improving CSAT

HCLTech’s solution helped our client achieve their goals efficiently. With this partnership, the bank achieved a higher CSAT score and improved workforce management at a reduced cost. The transformation solutions enabled them to increase revenues by 20%, while reducing operating expenses considerably.

Improved CSAT and KPIs by


Improved productivity by