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Cloud native transformation for finance and insurance industry

In a dynamic environment, finance and insurance firms drive innovation and competitiveness by embracing digital transformation through a cloud native culture, modernized applications and agility, reshaping business models for driving outcome.
5 min read
5 min read

The Challenge

Overcoming the following challenges digital transformation faces in the finance and insurance industry:

  • Complex and extensive monolithic applications
  • Traditional methodologies and processes block business agility
  • Reduced scalability creates the inability to meet market demands
  • Lack of skilled resources to use cloud native practices, methodologies and practices
  • Significant data risks due to a high volume of manual tasks

The Objective

Preparing for the next phase of growth:

  • Establishing a Cloud Native Culture
  • Enhancing Agility and Innovation
  • Improving Customer Response and Experience
  • Achieving Scalability and Future-Proofing
  • Enabling Cloud Migration

The Solution

Deploying TGKI solutions for the transformation of cloud native culture.

  • HCLTech Cloud Native Labs provided customized cloud native training to the client's teams
  • Tanzu Build Services with TAS platforms were recommended to replace legacy platforms and improve deployment methods
  • TGKI platform services enhanced the client's CI/CD pipeline, while Tanzu Observability improved application monitoring
  • The client's resources were trained on Tanzu Build Services, integrating CI/CD for better development perspectives
  • The engagement empowered the client to embrace cloud native culture, enhancing digital capabilities and driving faster initiatives

The Impact

Through our engagement, the client derived a significant business impact.

  • Streamlined management, data-driven decisions and enhanced business value
  • Faster processes, zero downtime, better customer engagement and experience
  • Quick app rollouts, reduced time-to-market and versatile distribution deployment
  • Future-proof solutions, risk assessment, proactive and flexible deployment strategies