Cloud optimization delivers $1M in savings for MMG | HCLTech

Microsoft Azure cloud optimization delivers 20% reduction in costs with a 20-day ROI for MMG

HCLTech’s trusted relationship with MMG, plus our deep expertise in Microsoft Azure resulted in big savings in cloud costs for MMG
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4 min read

The Client

MMG Limited is a global resources company that mines, explores and develops base metal projects. It operates mines in Australia, Peru and Democratic Republic of the Congo and has annual revenue of $3B.

The Challenge

Rising cloud consumption costs

A global resources company, MMG relies on public cloud services to fuel its applications and infrastructure, supporting both business and end-consumer systems. The surge in workloads on the cloud has led to a significant rise in cloud consumption costs, adversely affecting budget projections.


The Objective

Optimize cloud service costs

Facing the challenge of escalating costs exacerbated by ineffective cloud governance, monitoring, and agile practices, MMG sought the expertise of HCLTech.

The consultants from HCLTech's Enterprise and Strategy Advisory Services adopted a pragmatic methodology, conducting a comprehensive analysis of the current cloud environment. Leveraging industry-best cloud maturity frameworks and HCLTech’s CloudSMART practices, they crafted a robust cloud governance strategy, accompanied by a set of actionable recommendations.


The Solution

A strategic approach to cost optimization and governance

Collaborating closely with MMG's Infrastructure and Operations stakeholders, HCLTech prioritized cost optimization initiatives based on factors such as high consumption, resource utilization, transaction volumes, waste elimination, outliers, infrastructure right-sizing, usage patterns, geo-redundancy and alternative cost-effective options.

The HCLTech Cloud Services team swiftly addressed these prioritized cost optimization levers, delivering the anticipated business value.


The Impact

Tangible cloud financial accountability with astounding ROI

  • MMG now operates on a predictable, actionable and manageable cloud governance strategy, resulting in a 10% annual saving on cloud expenditure
  • This equates to $1M cost savings for one year, a tenfold return on their investment in HCLTech services
  • Established agile-based best practices to iteratively deliver cost savings supported by an insights-driven dashboard for enhanced cost predictability
  • Improved transparency and efficiency via the collaboration toolchain designed and developed by HCLTech