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Coffee and beverage market leader migrates 90% of workload to cloud

A leading coffee and beverage company was determined to transition to the cloud and lower its carbon footprint to attain net carbon neutrality by 2050.
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5 min read

The Challenge

Understanding the client's unique challenges in cloud migration

The client faced several impediments in a bid to transition out of multiple regional datacenters and orchestrate a seamless migration to the cloud, including:

  • Ensuring greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction through the shift to meet ESG goals
  • Controlling costs during the transition
  • Ensuring operational continuity in a new environment
  • Supporting diverse and scalable workloads in the cloud

The Objective

Maximizing performance through strategic cloud adoption

Our client aimed to overcome these challenges by outlining key targets and directives on cloud migration. They set the following goals:

  • Building a cost-effective, green cloud environment to optimize costs and GHG emissions
  • Identifying a hybrid cloud platform tailored to specific workload requirements
  • Ensuring the security of internet traffic across both production and non-production environments
  • Establishing a specialized isolated environment to support SAP migrations

The Solution

Modernizing the legacy IT infrastructure for increased scalability and flexibility

HCLTech partnered with the client to help them achieve their cloud and sustainability goals with an end-to-end cloud migration service. It included:

  • Optimizing cloud-managed services through enhanced financial operations monitoring and reporting governance
  • Implementing a factory-based approach for cloud migration and modernization with agile squads across four regions in North America
  • Streamlining the virtual machine footprint by switching to a serverless architecture and adopting container-based/platform-as-a-service solutions like Google Kubernetes Engine /Cloud Run
  • Achieving a 90% migration from on-premises infrastructure, which included an 80% migration to Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and more than 200 Azure workloads

The Impact

Achieving speed and saving costs with a seamless migration

The client reaped several benefits, with the Zero DC approach enabling cloud migration in record time. Here are some of the notable benefits delivered by HCLTech:

  • Migrated 90% of the workload from data centers to GCP
  • Achieved a 15% reduction in GHG emissions
  • Realized a 30% reduction in data center total cost of ownership
  • Increased agility and time to market by 40%