Customer-first digital transformation reduces operational costs by 30% for US software multinational | HCLTech

Customer-first digital transformation reduces client's operational costs by 30%

HCLTech helped augment global web operations and professional service capabilities for an American multinational software company
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Our client is an American multinational computer software company specializing in software for the creation and publication of a wide range of content, with millions of users worldwide. Being at the forefront of digital enablement products, our client's products have enhanced the company's market share in the digital marketing space, providing end-to-end cloud-based marketing solutions to customers. As a part of this engagement, we partnered with our client to manage their web operations around the globe and augment their professional service capabilities.

The Challenge

Legacy digital infrastructure blocking the road to success

With a growing market share in the digital marketing space, our client realized that their digital infrastructure was not ready to support multiple vendors across geographies. Thus, they faced several challenges, including:

  • Higher costs due to outdated technology and siloed operations
  • Inconsistent performance and a poor user experience on 3M+ web pages
  • Customer friction points throughout the buying journey, leading to an inability to engage customers through constant updates and push notifications
  • The need to keep pace with multiple channels, including global and local feeds for dynamic updates across various media (social, electronic and print)
  • The necessity to hire and retain highly skilled resources with expertise in niche technologies like the Adobe Experience Cloud stack

The Objective

Supporting content operations across geographies efficiently

They wanted to collaborate with agencies and brand teams worldwide to support efficient and effective web content operations on the . Furthermore, they wanted to:

  • Engage a partner as part of their professional services team for critical roles in global engagements
  • Emphasize operational excellence and enhance knowledge retention
  • Enable rapid team ramp-up to address work spikes
  • Introduce automation within the new Content Management System (CMS)

The Solution

Enabling consistent digital operations and a steady state of governance

Our solution encompassed the following:

  • Managed end-to-end digital operations across international versions using experience-led judgment
  • Implemented remote delivery and dedicated response teams to maintain operations in the dynamic market
  • Established governance and quality assurance (QA) processes with checklists and reviews for efficiency
  • Successfully launched various event-based microsites and migrated multiple sites
  • Supported various business segments, including Experience Cloud, Creative Cloud, Document Cloud and more
  • Introduced best practices for hiring through hackathons and Kalibre-based hiring for quicker ramp-up
  • Deployed multiple onboarding tools to assist new publishers
  • Implemented a single platform for information across geographies
  • Achieved an efficient resource mix by combining rehires and new resource onboarding with expertise in the Adobe Experience Cloud stack

The Impact

Scaling business at speed, globally

  • The new technology platform achieved a 30% reduction in operational costs with zero disruption to critical services
  • Enabled centralized publishing for global sites, promoting higher reusability
  • Common and defined standards were established across three major clouds (Experience, Creative and Document)

The transformation journey expanded across the entire website to include 13 new geographies for a seamless global experience. In addition, HCLTech was chosen as the single point of accountability, reflecting client satisfaction and confidence.