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CX Transformation for an energy retailer and regulated utility

Partnering for success in customer care operations and infrastructure stability to deliver expected results.
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As one of North America's largest energy and utility service providers, our client serves both competitive and regulated electricity and natural gas consumers. They needed a partner to enhance their meter-to-cash and customer care operations to deliver expected results within a predictable cost model. HCLTech has been their chosen partner for nearly a decade and expectations have grown as we continue to assist them in staying ahead in the challenging competitive market

The Challenge

Improving customer experience in a competitive market

High wholesale prices impacted the ability of both regulated and competitive businesses to attract and retain customers while trying to deliver an enhanced customer experience.

The client faced several challenges, including universal agents handling inbound sales, low touchpoint NPS and Voice of the Customer (VoC) satisfaction scores, low maturity and adoption of self-service tools, low customer trust in the market and a declining agent training graduation rate.


The Objective

Drive innovation to enhance CX

The collaboration aimed to improve both customer experience and touch-point NPS scores. Delivering transformative innovation in agent enablement and automation, driving self-service adoption, closing more sales and retaining more customers and ensuring a highly efficient, highly accurate meter-to-cash process were some of the priorities.

The focus was also on implementing an integrated governance model that ensures continuous alignment with the client's business strategy and maintains full compliance with market regulations.


The Solution

A comprehensive transformation program

In partnership with the client, we engaged an experienced and motivated team to design and implement a broader transformation program to enhance the customer experience. They focused on people, processes and technology levers to deliver the best results.


  • Improved experiences with digital tools, digital on-boarding, coaching tools and growth plans
  • Real-time performance insights dashboards with HCLTech's Command Center
  • Aided in career growth by driving lean exercises
  • Aligned incentives with business outcomes and right-shored teams for performance and cost optimization
  • Using quality assurance samples and scorecards, we identified coaching needs and automated the calibration process


  • Established a digital process analysis database (700+ processes) to drive lean exercises
  • Identified opportunities to drive enterprise-wide improvement with Voice of Customer analysis
  • Balanced client policy with customer expectations by optimizing quality assurance sampling frequency
  • Drove incremental premise gains by implementing a focused full-scale sales team
  • Eliminated incorrect or delayed invoices by automating processes and establishing operating controls


  • Aided in customer self-service by upgrading the online account management tool and IVR
  • Implemented PCI-compliant software to enable customers with hybrid payment options
  • Drove customer insights (including churn, pay and call) via HCLTech's Analytics platform
  • Overhauled change management process to yield faster change throughput and accuracy

The Impact

Transformed customer experience

We streamlined customer experience operations by leveraging the right technology to empower our team and the end customer. Our integrated delivery team focused on optimizing the operating environment, actively improving the client's system of record and proactively maintaining the stability and security of the Azure Cloud infrastructure.

  • 40+ points increase in Net Promotor Score (NPS)
  • 10+ points increase in online account manager active user-count
  • 20+ points increase in overall satisfaction score
  • 20+ points increase in enrolment sales close rate

Reduction in customer escalations


Monthly average for first-call resolution


Reduction in billing exceptions


Monthly avg. for billing timeless and accuracy