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Delivering data transformation for a leading reinsurer in Germany

HCLTech helped streamline operations and regulatory compliance for a global reinsurance leader, leading to improved efficiency and compliance and enhanced customer experiences
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4 min read

Our client, a world-renowned reinsurer based in Germany, required a comprehensive solution to revolutionize their data management and streamline operational processes. HCLTech collaborated closely with them to create an integrated enterprise-level solution that not only eliminated inefficiencies but also ensured regulatory compliance in the post-Brexit and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) landscape.

The Challenge

Overcoming manual inefficiencies and navigating regulatory changes

The client grappled with the challenge of managing manual reviews due to inaccurate data in Bordereaux, which incurred significant business overheads. Additionally, the post-Brexit and IFRS regulatory landscape necessitated compliance adjustments. The approval process was time-intensive and manual tracking was cumbersome. The challenge was to create an integrated solution that addressed these inefficiencies and regulatory hurdles.


The Objective

Optimizing processes and ensuring compliance in a transformative landscape

The client's objective was to establish a state-of-the-art integrated enterprise solution that standardized data collection, validated processes holistically and streamlined workflow tracking. In addition, the solution was aimed at reducing the time-consuming approval process and manual tracking of distributed artifacts. An essential component was the creation of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) redressal system to tackle critical regulatory challenges.


The Solution

Revolutionizing data management and workflow tracking

HCLTech, in response to the unique challenges faced by our client, proposed a dynamic and results-driven solution. The goal was to revolutionize the client's operational landscape by integrating cutting-edge technology and streamlined processes. Here's how HCLTech's solution achieved this remarkable transformation:

  • Proposed an MVP approach for building and automating business process tracking and validation
  • Integrated solution using Appian BPMS and Informatica
  • Implemented Appian's SAIL-based approach for user-friendly data capture and sites catering to business users
  • Adopted data-centric process design providing a 360-degree view of data capture, validation, auditing and cycle time tracking
  • Integrated with databases and Informatica systems for seamless data processing
  • Automated key business rules to allocate tasks based on resource skills
  • Modularized business and technical components for a comprehensive organizational solution
  • Efficiency through automation: Automation of work assignments and business rules led to reduced manual efforts, boosting overall efficiency

HCLTech's innovative solution, developed through an MVP approach, seamlessly combined Appian BPMS and Informatica to streamline processes, enhance the user experience and provide valuable insights. The integration of data-centric process design, automated business rules and modularization contributed to a transformative organizational solution that exceeded expectations.

The Impact

Achieving efficiency, compliance and enhanced customer experience

The collaborative efforts between HCLTech and our client yielded an innovative solution that brought about transformative results. Here's a glimpse into the profound impact that our solution created:

  • Streamlined turnaround time: The solution led to a significant reduction in the time taken for accounts handling, a pivotal achievement that boosted operational efficiency
  • Enhanced productivity: The reduction in manual paperwork directly translated to increased employee productivity, a key factor in fostering a more streamlined and effective work environment
  • Real-time operational reporting: The integration of our solution provided a comprehensive, single-stop solution for real-time operational reporting across all data validation processes, greatly improving visibility and control
  • Regulatory compliance: Through enhanced monitoring and reporting capabilities, the implementation ensured better regulatory compliance, aligning processes with the evolving landscape of Brexit and IFRS requirements
  • Improved customer experience: The transformative impact was not limited to operations alone — the solution resulted in a substantially improved customer experience, a testament to the power of innovative technology and strategic implementation.

In summary, the successful implementation of our innovative solution not only achieved remarkable operational improvements but also revolutionized customer experience and regulatory compliance. The collaboration between our client and HCLTech exemplifies the potential of strategic partnerships to drive substantial business transformation.