Delighting an American mobile phone provider with seamless CX | HCLTech

Delighting an American mobile phone provider with seamless CX

HCLTech defined and implemented a breakthrough transformation journey for a customer-centric organization
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5 min read


A US-based mobile phone operator serving customers through multiple brands and experiences wanted to address challenges related to inconsistent brand and user experiences on their e-commerce platforms. Turning to HCLTech for solutions, they embarked on a journey to enhance the customer experience and improve brand messaging, ultimately aiming to grow their customer base. This collaboration aimed to create a more customer-centric organization and improve the overall customer journey.

The Challenge

Roadblocks in the journey of a customer-centric enterprise

Our client’s main challenge revolved around an outdated website and subpar user interface and user experience (UI/UX) within their marketing and e-commerce channels. This led to an inconsistency in the brand experience, impacting customers as they interacted with various websites and sub-brands. Complicating matters further, the company was operating on legacy technology, utilizing disparate systems that were becoming increasingly challenging to manage.


The Objective

Delivering personalized experience to customers for business growth

Our client sought a partner to define the future state of their customer ecosystem. The objectives included:

  • A personalized experience for visitors to its website
  • Ongoing operation optimization
  • A significant transformation to integrate the e-commerce channel and their marketing ecosystem in real-time
  • A focus on delivering personalized content to enhance customer experience and engagement, aligning with customer intent and context

The Solution

Accelerated transformation powered by technologies in the Adobe suite

HCLTech initiated the project by developing a mobile-centric, analytics-supported digital platform using to provide an omnichannel digital presence for their customers. Leveraging the existing customer database and Adobe Target, we delivered personalized content across various channels and introduced a virtual catalog in Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Author through a commerce integration framework using Adobe I/O. Additionally, we:

  • Enabled marketing content authoring in AEM for products and data capture for immersive shopping experiences
  • Implemented a headless e-commerce interface with AEM and transactional flows using ReactJS
  • Enhanced marketing and customer journeys for an improved overall customer experience
  • Ensured SEO optimization and WCAG 2.2 compliance for accessibility
  • Integrated Single Sign-On (SSO) with token-based authentication for secure access across multiple applications
  • Leveraged the existing Content Delivery Network (CDN) for cost savings and efficiency

The Impact

Journey toward a speedy scalable and seamless e-commerce platform

Overall, the transformation journey resulted in substantial business growth and the acquisition of new customers. The flexible platform could also accomodate multiple brands with consistent messaging. Additionally, the solution:

  • Reduced time to market for new products by an exciting 30%, enhancing customer satisfaction
  • Achieved a significant 2X growth in business conversion during the peak holiday season, sustaining a 1.75X growth thereafter
  • Realized a 25% reduction in customer drop rate and lowered business operation costs through application redesign and efficient team utilization in branding and marketing operations
  • Improved website page ranking with effective SEO tagging, leading to increased visitor traffic
  • Gained complete control over content, placement and publishing strategy