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Delivering secure, software-defined remote access

A remote access solution for a global investment firm
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5 min read

The Challenge

Complex, costly and insecure network access issues

  • Expensive to deploy (appliance costs) and complex to manage (operations costs).
  • App access requires a user to be on the network – broad attack surface (security).
  • Backhaul over internal network adds to the latency and results in poor user experience.
  • Network flap requires re-login to VPN. User must remember to start VPN and must select a VPN gateway. Complex ACLs/NAC (security issues) to manage access.
  • Internal apps or VPNs are exposed to the Internet – a DDoS target (security).
  • Private applications hosted in DC and/or cloud which need to be accessed by corporate users and partners.
  • High number of users accessing from remote locations. Movement of applications to public cloud resulted in remote users first accessing the DC via VPN and then routed to cloud.

The Objective

To simply the network and make it more secure

  • To make the internet available as a secure network without the need for a traditional VPN and the corporate network should not be extended to remote users
  • To make internal applications invisible and not exposed to the internet where micro-segmented access from user to application is provided
  • To provide simplified management with real time visibility with no CAPEX involved
Delivering Secure, Software Defined Remote Access

The Solution

Enhanced security and user experience with Zscaler Private Access

  • Recommended the clients to have a remote-access solution that utilizes a zero-trust strategy, where only authorized users are given access to the applications and not to the complete network.
  • Provided by a .
  • Improved user experience. Same solution irrespective of where the apps are hosted.
  • Provided real-time monitoring and incident response for threats.

The Impact

Reduction in visibility along with significant cost reduction

  • Users receive better experience accessing applications even in hybrid and multi-cloud environments
  • Remote user experience improved by 70%
  • Real-time visibility with 24*7 managed services powered through HCLTech CSFCs (Cybersecurity Fusion Centers)
  • Reduction in the threats posed by remote access vulnerabilities
  • Magnitude savings in total cost of ownership versus traditional on-premise point products
  • Cost of hardware installation and management reduced by 55%